Who is the training suitable for?

The memory training has been developed for children and youngsters aged 8 to 18 years.

Training can be useful if you recognize some or more of the following in your son or daughter::

  • He/she has difficulty remembering long instructions or a sequence of instructions.
  • He/she finds it difficult to concentrate on work if the motivation is (completely) lacking
  • If something goes wrong with the (home) work, he/she is quickly upset.
  • He/she is very demanding – so demanding that everything takes a lot of time.
  • He/she is often daydreaming during class or doing homework.
  • He/she often puts off starting a task.
  • He/she has to read the text again a few times before he/she understands and/or remembers it.
  • He/she has difficulties with calculations where a lot of information is given and has to be remembered.
  • He/she has problems (attentionally following a conversation or story ).
  • He/she has difficulty planning and organizing his/her work, for example in what order certain tasks should be done and how much time it takes to complete the tasks.
  • He/she has difficulty organizing daily tasks, such as bringing the correct (school) materials, completing assignments and then taking them back to school.
  • He/she is easily distracted.
  • He/she does not have good judgment in terms of time, for example, not understanding how long an hour is, or difficulties in arriving on time.
  • He/she regularly loses things or no longer knows where things are stored.
  • He/she regularly forgets what he/she came to do in a certain room of the house.

The BCB memory training addresses the weak spots in the working memory in these children. For example, the software helps to increase the visual information processing speed, leaving more room to focus their attention on motor control in tasks such as writing. In addition, the visual-spatial working memory is explicitly trained, so that they learn to switch better between processing information and the motor action that belongs to the assignment.

How does the BCB memory training differ from other training like Cogmed?

The BCB working memory training:

  • gives instructions in own language (e.i Englisch, French, German, Dutch
  • uses the dyslexia font
  • works adaptively: the structure in the games is in line with the results of the child/youngster
  • offers the possibility to differentiate the level of the games according to the level of the child/youngster
  • offers an opportunity for extra challenge
  • easily keeps track of child's/youngsters's progress in a log and graph, making results visible
  • makes minimal use of time pressure
  • uses letter clusters and words that are common in the Netherlands, so word recognition is also trained
  • combines the online games with offline exercises and the teaching of appropriate memory strategies, ensuring effectiveness at home and in the classroom..
  • trainers can directly purchase licenses via the 'trainers account' and pay online with iDeal or credit card.
    €.   45,-     /  $. 53,50  for  1 license / 1 child/youngster
    €. 212,50  /  $. 255,-   for  5 licences/ 5 children/youngsters
    €. 395,-    / $. 475,-    for 10 licences / 10 children/youngsters

Do you want to know more?

If you would like more information about the memory training, you can send an e-mail to our international product manager Suzanne van Wunnik, s.v.wunnik@eclg.nl