Memory and attetion training

In case of dyslexia or dyscalculia

Dyslexia and working memory training

In the case of reading and spelling problems, the central processing system and the phonological loop of working memory play a clear role (Braams, 1996). Pickering and Gathercole (2001) indicate that children with specific reading problems or dyslexia show deficiencies in the functioning of working memory.

In order to read and spell, a child must learn the patterns of words (word recognition) and it must be able to switch between sounds and the letters and/or letter combinations (sound drawing coupling). The BCB memory training helps children to improve the working memory skills they need for reading and spelling. For example, the online memory games practice increasing the information processing speed for letters and words and automating letter and word recognition. The instruction for the online memory games is written in the 'dyslexia font', for optimal ease of reading.

Dyscalculia and working memory training

Working memory plays an important role in (learning) arithmetic. Due to the difficulty of switching, the basic arithmetic skills will also be delayed. Due to not being able to follow the instruction properly, there are fewer practice moments and learning opportunities. In addition, main calculations in particular make a strong use of working memory. It is precisely when calculating that it is about the combination of storage and editing in order to arrive at the right answer.

The BCB memory training is primarily a working memory training and not a training in automating and memorizing. If the sums were too difficult, the entire working memory would be charged with calculating the sum and there would be no room for the answers to be held for a longer period of time. This situation is undesirable, as the working memory is not sufficiently trained. Therefore, it was decided that the trainer can adjust the starting level of the sums to the calculation level of the student, so that weak calculators and children with dyscalculia can also work with the software.

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